DYRETOLKEN                                - Samtale og Healing for Dyr og Mennesker

My name is Tone Cathrine Western Haugen, and I'm 39. I live with my family in a town called Fredrikstad in Norway, and our dog Mr. B.

Ive been curious on communication with the "invisible worlds" since young and have spent 20+ years trying to make sense of mystic.

I have had dogs, cats, fish and rats when growing up, but surely talks to any animal! Now I'm expanding my experience to include Natural Horsemanship. I also study NLP Master.

I love being in nature, but also a cake at a cafe-table chatting away. Astrology, mediumship and ecology (permaculture & organic farming & flower-remedies & homeopathy) surely are interests of mine, but they never made it professionally!

At some stage I studied Kahuna philosophy and did MaUri massage. Also, I keep using the Aura-Soma in which Im a certified therapist. I kind of live by the taoistic idea; "water flows down the path of least resistance" - if its easy, its right, if its complicated its not. Welcome to my place! :D
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