DYRETOLKEN                                - Samtale og Healing for Dyr og Mennesker

WELCOME to Your Page for
Readings & Animal Communications!

-by allowing our hearts to meet!

For all services, I use a healing energy. 
Speaking to animals, people and non-verbal humans, I use a technique called 
"the Heart Quark Healing Technique".
It is a kind of telepathy where I send my heart energy to you, or the animal -and we start a movement of energy. We can hold a conversation, do a reading, or heal.
It opens up for a deep connection and feels very moving! Insight into the thoughts and emotions of yourself, your loved ones or your animal might help and assist. We can get to know each other on a whole new level, and release blockages, gain self-love and become more authentic. The results might be increased harmony and comfort.

Please dont hesitate to get in touch, for fun, for learning or self development. 
We might be able to turn a challenge into an opportunity!


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