DYRETOLKEN                                - Samtale og Healing for Dyr og Mennesker

from a distance

As a certified spiritual healer
I offer distance healing
-in the comforts of your own home!

Please allow yourself to imagine; Your find yourself comfortable and undisturbed in your favorite spot. Its a perfect temperature with the sounds of your own likings. Birds, music or silence. Maybe s slight sent of  an aromatic oil? Make an athmosphere as pleasant and absolutely thrilling as possible. (Remember you can have your eyes shut, so no need to do housework!)
All the focus is now on *YOU* - I ask Spirit to bring you into a deeply relaxing state and the healing starts...

I also use my own technique, "The HeartQuark Healing".

Research in quantum physics shows how the Quarks in the Heart travels faster than the speed of thought, and goes back and forth in time. According to HeartMath's research, when we focus on gratefullness, our frequencies of the mind is aligned with the frequencies of the heart, and we experience healing, balance, harmony and can utilise our full potentials! By simply adopting this attitude of gratefullness, you allow yourself to turn a downwards spiral up!

I can also send Healing to the "blue print" and to difficult situations, where it might add to solve them.

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