DYRETOLKEN                                - Samtale og Healing for Dyr og Mennesker

-modern technology incorporating ancient medicine


Biomat is a device for improving health and well being on all levels.
Generates infrared light like the sun and 100% safe for people with electromagnetic sensitivity. A healing tool - your own healer! 

1) Infrared Light - for "heat therapy".
Known through out times from all civilization. Hot springs and saunas are known to keep folks healthy and give longevity. This is because it is a "fake fever". Just like our bodies raise the temperature to rid itself of virus and bacteria, so will the BIOMAT do. We also get lowered brainwave frequencies, which induces deep states of meditation.  

2) Negative Ions - for inner balance on cellular levels. 
Negative ions has the same effect as earthing. It creates a healthy pH level in the body and assist in the cell metabolism. 

3) Amethyst crystal - for connection to our true self
The Amethyst is called the Master Healer of all crystals. By atuning us to its frequency, we may experience all benefits of a classic healing. Calm, clarity, spiritual upliftment, pain-reduction and more.

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