DYRETOLKEN                                - Samtale og Healing for Dyr og Mennesker

Do you want to give your animal a perfect gift?
Please consider giving your animal "a voice". 

JUST LIKE US, animals have thoughts and feelings. They often make choises based on LOVE & TRUST, or the lack of it.All kinds of species likes to be seen and heard, to  express themselves and raise their inner concerns.
Are you having issues with your animal, or do you want to connect on a deeper level?  As we learn their secrets and longings, we can be better care takers, have more harmony in everyday living and even improve skills of cooperation.

I also use NLP psycology for traumatized or "difficult" animals, which might make the effect of the healing conversation more effective.

Examples with horses may be:
-enjoy riding as owner leans about a sore back, 
-unfit saddle or other equipment,
-tells owner how to train them.

Examples with dogs:
-wont be anxious to meet other dogs
-stop worrying about why owners leave without them every day
-feeling confident about their own and others size and colour

Examples with cats:
-let owner know about health issues
-stop weeing indors
-explain changes in their human friends habbits and reduce anxieties

For YOU to connect t your ANIMAL on a deeper level, contact me!

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